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We Save You

Never again you will waste your time searching for a lost file, configure a printer, figure out why your network is down. When problems arise, our support team is ready.

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We Save You

Our Flat Rate Repair offer helps you save money. Our monthly specials can save you more money on tablet & mobile repairs.

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We Make You
More Productive

Our experienced technicians have the ability to diagnose problems and fix them fast.

We Understand the Frustration that comes with a Broken Macbook, PC or Tablet. We can help!

20,000+ Computers Fixed - Computer Sleuths

We have fixed more than
20,000+ Computers

5000+ Mobiles & Tablets Fixed - Computer Sleuths

We have repaired more than 5,000 mobiles and tablets

1000+ House Calls - Computer Sleuths

We have taken more than
1000+ house calls


Let us Help You in 3 Simple Steps

Schedule visit - Computer Sleuths

1. Schedule a Visit

Our technician will evaluate the problem with your hardware or software and give you an estimate.

Estimate Approval - Computer Sleuths

2. Approve the Estimate

Once you agree on the cost and time our technicians will start working on the problem right away.

Leading the day - Computer Sleuths

3. Lead the Day Again

We will fix your problem fast to make sure you save time and start leading the day again.

How do you handle the data?

It depends on the complexity of the problem. If your laptop or PC is totally broken then we have certain SOPs to check if the data is recoverable or not. We will tell you the best possible solution in both cases

How much time does it take to repair a PC?

We normally take 48 hours to repair a PC or a Laptop. If there are any major issues, it might take longer. We will update you with the exact ETA once the diagnosis is done.

Do you take house calls?

Yes, absolutely! One of our technicians will book a time with you and visit your home to check the problem.

What are your timings and where do I call?

We are open from Monday to Friday: From 10 am to 7 pm Saturday: From 10 am to 6pm. You can call us 24/7 at (678) 765-6136.


Testimonial - Computer Sleuths

Jamie T.

My IMac was running slowly and was not working right after updating to Catalina. Due to the Corona Virus the Apple Store was closed, thankfully my friend recommended Computer Sleuths. After explaining my problems to John at Computer Sleuths, he was able to get me the proper downloads for Catalina and had me up and running the same day. I will be back!

Testimonial 1 - Computer Sleuths

Garth H.

Thank you to Bob and team for helping to recommend, build and deliver a great gaming system! John was a pleasure, walking me thru the selection process and was able to expedite the build and deliver a week earlier than expected. George met with me the following Saturday to execute the transaction. The SureLock team has their act together!

Online Store - Computer Sleuths

Visit Our Online Store Powered by Sure Lock Technology

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