5 Common Issues Laptop Users Face

5 Common Issues Laptop Users Face

It is a no-brainer that no digital technology lasts forever, even your trusty laptop! Problems arise at the most inopportune moments: during urgent assignments or other essential work affairs. Most problems result from:

  • Constant or heavy usage of the system – which can lead to overheating
  • Accidents that no one is immune from – such as power surges or a coffee spill
  • Careless handling of the equipment.

Here’s a list of the five most common laptop problems we face and how you can fix them yourself!

Problem – 1: Loud Fan or Heating and Then Shutdown 

You use the laptop in a non-ventilated space or in a position where the fan is partially covered. This can limit the airflow to the fan. It also drags dust and debris into the cooling system through the fan portal.


  • Only use the laptop on hard, flat surfaces.
  • Do not place it on soft surfaces that might block the passage of air. 
  • Clean the fan with compressed air. 
  • Also, limit the number of applications you run simultaneously because the more you run at the same time, the more energy is consumed by the laptop.

Problem – 2: The Laptop Is Slow

This happens quite often and can be caused due to reduced hard drive capacity, malware, or early hardware failure signs.


There are many ways to solve speed problems.

  • Make sure to run system-cleaning software to get rid of unnecessary applications running in the background.
  • Next, you can empty the recycling bin and run a reliable antivirus software to eliminate any harmful software causing the laptop to slow down.

Problem – 3: The Battery Is Running Out

One of the most useful features of a laptop is wireless connectivity. But you may live in constant fear of draining the battery, so you leave the laptop plugged in at all times. This compromises the battery’s health and causes it to discharge quickly. 


  • Check all the charger cable connections first to make sure they fit snugly. 
  • Then completely discharge the battery and charge it by leaving the laptop turned on until it runs out. 
  • Once you’ve sucked out the energy entirely, try charging it again.
  • If it still discharges much quicker than it should, you may need to replace the battery.

Problem – 4: No Internet

Laptops are notorious for losing Internet connectivity, which can be a significant problem. Before you assume any hardware failure, try a few basic steps.


  • Most laptops have a wireless button or switch to activate the connection; find it and make sure it is in the ON state. 
  • Try rebooting your router. 
  • If you are still having problems, troubleshoot network connection problems in the control panel. Finally, rebuild your network from the start to ensure all of your connections are set up correctly.

Problem – 5: Black Screen

You open your laptop, turn it on, hear it working, but the screen is black.


  • Turn off the power, remove the battery, and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. 
  • Plug in the power cord and reboot. 
  • Then turn off again, insert the battery, and reboot.

If you try any of these DIY steps and still run into the same problem, it’s high time to contact a professional laptop repair technician. The team at Computer Sleuths are experts in the repair and maintenance of laptops, computers, phones, and other devices. We also do house call’s in Lawrenceville so you can get your laptop repaired without any hassle. Contact us today to resolve your laptop problems at the most reasonable rates!