5 Reasons To Opt For IT Outsourcing In Business

5 Reasons To Opt For IT Outsourcing In Business

IT support consists of all the activities to keep the current systems operational, including activities related to the hardware (workstations, printers, servers, network connectivity, Internet access, etc.), as well as the software components (office automation tools, business software (ERP), specialized applications, etc.).

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The following are the primary reasons to outsource IT your company’s services:

1. Flexible Delivery Capacity

Operational budgets for IT projects are sometimes drastically reduced due to financial turmoil, which often halts the projects. This, in turn, affects the organization’s bottom-line as it falls short of achieving the targets. Outsourcing is an effective solution to this situation, as it increases or reduces the delivery capacity, depending on the project’s variability.

2. Access to Specialized Skills

Many IT projects underway in companies require in-depthexpertise, so specialized consultants are hired for this purpose. This can be beneficial when preparing a digital plan or an IT master plan or implementing an ERP. This is also the case for one-off mandates such as carrying out a 4.0 audit in an SME (Small or Mid-Size Enterprises).

3. Complete Outsourcing of IT Services

Some organizations go so far as to outsource all of their IT services to an external firm. This is done in the context of a long-term contract. In some cases, these contracts may provide a transfer of resources (employees) from the client to the service provider.

In this type of mandate, the supplier’s responsibilities may include:

  • The establishment of an IT service center
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Carrying out application support and minor changes to systems
  • Conducting IT projects under the supervision of the organization’s stakeholders
  • Relationship management with any IT service provider of the company

4. Better Cost Control

Outsourcing agreements provide clear rules regarding the hourly rates charged to the client according to the expertise, the number of years of experience, and the contract duration. Through such agreements, clients can better control IT costs because of the rates fixed in advance.

On the other hand, considering the technological environment, as it becomes more complex with limited financial resources, hiring an external IT team makes it possible to manage the costs more efficiently. This is due to the availability of a larger pool of resources at lower rates.

5. Simplified HR Management

By outsourcing the IT department, human resources management is simplified. The client is no longer responsible for career management, training, social benefits, etc., of its entire IT department. The service provider must handle these responsibilities.

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