Have A Slow Performing Laptop Or Phone? Your Battery Could Be The Cause

Have A Slow Performing Laptop Or Phone? Your Battery Could Be The Cause

Technology has become a permanent fixture in our lives. Every year dozens of newer, more innovative, and faster performing models of different electronic devices are released. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people want everything to happen within seconds – whether it is a web page to load or an app launch.

According to a recent survey, people are becoming more and more impatient, and technology is to blame. The funny part is, the reason for this lack of patience often comes under fire itself.

At some point, we have all wanted to throw our phones against the wall. Or punch a hole through our laptop screens due to their slow performance. Haven’t you?

Most people end up putting up with the aggravating device until they have saved enough to invest in a better model. Most don’t bother to find out what’s wrong. The only response that accompanies their logic is, “Oh, it’s old.”

Yes, old tech does get slow, but are you sure that’s the only reason? And is the phone or laptop even that old?

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The causes behind your phone or laptop’s slow performance are usually multiple apps running in the background, low space in RAM, or your battery.

Yes, you heard it right. Your battery could be the reason for performance issues. Want to see if it’s true? Run performance tests, try using your device when it is on charge, and use the battery. Does it work slower on the battery? Yes/No? You have your answer!

Reasons why your battery could be affecting performance:

Device settings

Check your device settings. Most of the time, the original settings of a phone or laptop are set to maximize battery life. In order to maximize battery life, many permissions and controls are set to reduce performance.

All you need to do is go in your ‘Settings’ or ‘Control Panel’ and make your desired changes. This might cause your device to discharge sooner than before, but the performance will be optimum, leading to less frustration.

Worn out battery

Old or overcharged batteries are a nuisance. Not only do they constantly need to charge, but they also hinder performance. Since batteries with bad health are unable to supply enough power to run applications properly, the device either freezes, shuts down, or slows down its processor to conserve power. Apple is one such brand that is known to suffer from slow performance issues due to old batteries.

There are several apps out there to judge battery life or to calculate your CPU’s performance. However, before you decide to splurge on a new battery or a new laptop/mobile, it’s best to consult our tech-experts at Computer Sleuths based in Norcross. Click here for a thorough diagnosis and treatment for your device.