Computer Repair

Whether you own a MAC or PC, every computer eventually needs repair for optimal performance. We at Computer Sleuths are the number one pit-stop for users facing technical issues with their computers. Our specialists offer a wide range of computer repair services that involves using the most cutting-edge tools and gadgets in getting your computer in tip-top shape again.

Our staff at Computer Sleuths holds a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to fixing computer issues from the root. Whether there’s an issue with your computer software or hardware, or if your PC needs a RAM replacement, leave it to us to rectify all sorts of problems!

Our repair technicians deal with a broad variety of computer issues daily. Sometimes it’s the motherboard that needs replacement, and sometimes it’s your computer data that needs total recovery. Whatever the issue is, our computer sleuths get to the bottom of it! 

Unlike other computer repair technicians, we don’t erase all data from your computer. We carefully look into which problem needs to be resolved and with laser-focus vision, remove that particular problem only!

We understand that nothing gets done these days without your PC. This is why we work swiftly in making sure your computer reaches you safe and sound and in the best condition within 48 hours. We stand dedicated to tackling all kinds of computer-related troubles so you can go back to using your PC stress-free!

And you know what the best part is? Even if your computer parts need replacement, our labor charges are always going to be at a flat fixed rate! All you need to do is drop off your computer at our store located in Lawrenceville, GA, and leave the rest to us!