Computer Sales

Are you on the hunt for a new or refurbished computer? Look no further because Computer Sleuths offers just the computer for you!

Computers are costly investments. To ensure your computer performs at the utmost optimal level, we use the highest quality of parts when custom building your computer. Your satisfaction when purchasing a computer is of supreme importance to us which is why every component we use when constructing your computer is accurately put together.

Goodbye to paying a hefty price tag for unwanted technical features and configuration services. Purchasing a computer of your choice from Computer Sleuths means no longer dealing with stressful communication with the overseas support center!

With us, you only pay for the features that fulfill your computer needs! And when buying a computer from Computer Sleuths, you no longer have to worry about repairs either. All our computers are sold with a valid repair warranty. This means if you ever need your computer fixed, you don’t have to ship your computer off to a different city or state for servicing!