Computer, Tablet & Phone Recycling

With every passing year, your phone, laptop, and tablet declines in performance and functionality. If you have noticed your tech gadgets slowing down, it may be time to recycle them at Computer Sleuths! We bring your phones, computers, and tablets back to life by simply getting rid of hazardous hardware and software. Another pro tip is; you can make some cash by selling your new-and-improved tech devices!

Our I.T. experts are well-versed when it comes to giving your mobile phone some TLC! They get into the crux of the issue by removing problematic hardware from your device that was slowing down your phone. They also get rid of large amounts of unnecessary data from your devices by transferring it to your hard drive to avoid display lags.

The best reason of all to have your mobile phone, tablets, and laptops recycled is; to save the environment.

Every year, large amounts of phones, tablets, and other tech appliances are found in the landfill simply because most of them were no longer operating smoothly. This poses a severe threat to the environment; which is why we urge customers to seek our recycling services. We ensure your phones and tablets are recycled so that they can be used for an extra few years without any hiccups!

If you want, you may also recycle your gadgets and gift them to your family or friends! The choices are endless when it comes to contributing to an environmentally-healthy society!

You no longer have to lose valuable data during the recycling process! Our recycling professionals employ data protection services to ensure your phones, tablets, and gadgets are safe and in perfect working condition!

To get an estimate of how much our recycling service will cost, don’t shy away and talk to us.