House Calls

Computer repair could never get any easier thanks to our house call service where we come to you!

Knowing how much the everyday hustle and bustle can wear out a person, our house call service involves our techs visiting you to repair your phones, tablets, and computers. Not just that, we come to your house to install the most mind-boggling computer networks and repair severely broken-down laptops and tablets in an instant.

If your printer is acting up, or your phone’s screen has cracked into several pieces, you no longer have to step a foot outside your door! We fix, arrange, repair, and install everything related to your phone, tablet, computer, and laptops as fast as we possibly can!

With our house call service, we step in, we step out, and there you have a perfectly running computer in a matter of a few minutes! It’s that simple!

A house call service is also an amazing way of having a one-on-one session with our technician. During this session, our I.T. expert will sit down to listen to all your tech worries and create a plan to knock each issue down to the core! So if your computer or phone is loaded with a pack of viruses and is causing you trouble, we at Computer Sleuths will be right outside your door to serve your technical needs!

Does your wireless network need an installation? We got that covered too!

To access our house call service, simply fill out our Free Quote form so that we know exactly what you need fixing!

You can also get chatting with one of our team’s consultants on (678) 765-6136 and explain in full depth what issues you are facing with your computer, laptop, phone, or tablet! 

For more queries and concerns, you may also email us at