The Pros and Cons of Regularly Updating Your Software

The Pros and Cons of Regularly Updating Your Software

Installing software is not enough for its smooth operations. If you want to keep using the software tools without any issues and want your system not to be impacted, you need to do more.

You cannot wait around for the new version to come out. It could take months for that to happen, or even years. Antiviruses like Panda Security and Avast release new versions every year, while the new Windows or Adobe Photoshop software can take more than that.

Will you continue using your outdated software while the world moves on ahead?

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Many of us have all our software and applications on auto-update on both mobile phones and computers. Other people prefer to update the software manually, so they are in better control of what is added to their system. However, some do not like updating their software at all due to specific reasons.

Wherever you stand with your decision to update your applications and software, make sure that your choices are based on facts since a well-informed decision will protect you against several issues.

So, below we have made a list of some pros and cons of updating your software.


New features and tools

Software that does not release frequent upgrades like Call of Duty releases different packs, features, and tools to keep the users engaged, as well as stay competitive with other software in the market. Users who keep their applications updated can enjoy these new features to stay atop of their game.

Faster performance

An outdated software not only slows down its own features but can affect the performance of the whole system. On top of that, it increases frustration amongst the users and negatively impacts their level of productivity. So it is safe to say that software updates increase performance and speed.

Security patches

Cybercriminals do not stop. By the time software is released, hackers are already working on identifying vulnerabilities and creating counter codes and malware.

So, many software companies keep releasing updates to bridge the gaps in the program’s firewalls or security that might lead to breaches, hacking, phishing attempts, and more. If you do not install security patches, you are putting your whole network at risk.


No one likes to be left behind. While the whole world is ranting and raving about a new tool or upgrade, do you want to be amongst the few who cannot join in on the action? To move ahead with the world, you must keep all your software and devices up-to-date.


The majority of the updates are free or give you an option to buy a minimal costing pack if you want. Although paying for an update is rare, it still costs much less than what upgrading to a new version or plan will cost you, so it is safe to say that software updates are cost-friendly if not free.



Updates take up space, which can ultimately affect your performance if you are already low on it.


Some hackers create false updates or disguise their illicit programs as software updates to fool people into downloading them. However, this can easily be avoided. Just do not install software updates from a third-party site.

Hardware relevance

If you have not upgraded your hardware in a long time, then the chances are that installing a new update will cause you more problems since your hardware will no longer be compatible with your software.

The best solution, in our opinion, is to keep your system and all software up-to-date.

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