Ways Employees Can Compromise Security

Ways Employees Can Compromise Security

Every business organization builds a layer of protection from outside hackers and viruses that can compromise their employees’ and clients’ security. Any time a business is hacked, or their sensitive information is publicly distributed, it is often assumed that the security breach has happened outside the organization.

While that is true in some cases, it is also possible that the organization’s employees may have made some decisions that lead to an interference in the security.

Since employees of any organization are aware of the happenings inside the office and have access to different information required for entry or exit to a secure place. Sharing these bits of data with an unauthorized person or losing them somewhere is one way security is compromised.

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In today’s blog, we will discuss the various ways in which employees of any organization can compromise the security, maybe even without knowing it.

1. Unknown Internet Connections

Every organization has its series of internet connections available for the employees to use. Even then, some employees may use public Wi-Fi to send or receive emails when they are not under office hours.

The use of an unsecured network to access sensitive client information is risky as hackers and cybercriminals can conduct theft of files. 

2. Poor Passwords

When creating their accounts for personal or office emails, many employees use their names, birthdays, or pet names, which others can easily guess. A strong password is necessary to protect the information that employees receive in their emails.

The best way to prevent hackers from guessing your passwords is to make sure that the password is at least 9 nine characters long and includes alphabets and numbers both. 

3. Downloading Unknown Content

Often employees receive spam and junk emails from different brands, which can contain content that can allow computer viruses to enter your data and either corrupt the files or allow access to others without your knowledge. 

So, clicking such links ultimately compromise the computer security and affect the work operations as well.

4. Personal Devices

Usage of personal devices to access work related emails or saving client data on private devices poses a threat as these can be stolen or can be sold off without erasing the information. 

5. Lacking On Device Updates

A device usually works best when equipped with the latest anti-virus and software that can fight any potential viruses or malicious software that can gain access to your device. Many times, people fail to update their devices because of their laziness, which leads to viruses taking over the data and corrupting it. 

6. Social Media At Work

People often log in to their social media accounts using their work devices, allowing click-bait viruses to enter the device and corrupt the data.

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