Why And How You Should Protect Your Phone In The Cold Weather

Why And How You Should Protect Your Phone In The Cold Weather

Have you ever received an overheating notification on your phone during the hot summer months? If you shook your head in a “yes,” then know that your phone is most likely going to underheat during the cold, winter days.

You will observe your phone’s battery going from 100% to 50% almost instantly. Or your phone’s screen may become unresponsive or get cracked under extreme cold weather. Besides this, if you leave your phone out in the cold for a long time, you might see signs of liquid condensation under your screen.

In the end, all these factors indicate that cell phones aren’t designed to perform well during cold temperatures.

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Here are the top five practices to keep your devices warm and in optimal condition all winter.

1. Switch off the Phone

When you know that you will have to stay outside for a longer period, ensure switching off your phone. This way, you will save your phone’s battery and increase its performance by a significant ratio.

2. Use Protective Cases

Protective cases prevent hand slips and ensure that your phone doesn’t get exposed to the cold when you are outside. You can choose from various designs to colors and styles of protective cases to use in winter. However, the material used to make them plays a vital role in keeping the device warm.

3. Keep the Phone Near Your Body

The human body is a natural source of heat. So, whenever you go out in cold weather, keep your phones either in your pant or shirt’s pocket. This way, the device will get the warmth it requires to work correctly, and you won’t have to hold your phone all the time.

4. Fully Charge Your Battery

Since phone battery drains quickly in cold temperatures, you must keep your device’s battery charged to the maximum at all times. This will ensure that you’ll have the battery if you want to use the phone in an emergency. Moreover, you can keep a portable charger with you so that you can recharge the battery when it is about to die.

5. Warm The Device Before Using

Never try unlocking and using your phone once it is shut off or put in the cold for an extended time. You will not only damage the battery of your phone but will also damage the processing system. That’s why it is advised to let the phone warm up before using it.

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