Why You Need Cybersecurity Services To Keep Your System & Family Safe

Why You Need Cybersecurity Services To Keep Your System & Family Safe

From smartphones to smart homes, the internet has permeated our daily lives. So much so that a minor disconnection creates a riot in the household!

Home internaet usage is also on the rise as more people work remotely. But whether you are working from home or shopping online, you are always at risk of cyberattacks. From credit card scams to privacy invasion, cyber crimes are on the rise in Lilburn, GA

That is why you need cybersecurity services to keep your devices and your family safe. Click here to talk to our cybersecurity experts at Computer Sleuths. We also offer valet services where we come to your place to collect your devices or perform on-site audits and servicing.

Cyber Security Essentials

The best way to protect yourself and your family from cyber threats is to educate yourself.

Following cybersecurity basics goes a long way in keeping predators at bay. Here are some cybersecurity essentials that you should know about: 

  • Install antivirus

First and foremost, you need to install antivirus software to prevent malware from harming your device.

  • Set automatic updates

Next, you need to ensure that all your programs are up-to-date. All software is updated regularly to prevent hackers from exploiting their weaknesses. So make sure you are using the latest version of the operating systems and programs on your computer. Also, enable automatic updates. 

  • Protect your Wi-Fi

Always keep your Wi-Fi secured with a strong password and don’t share it with neighbors unless you trust them. Moreover, change the default password on your router as soon you turn it on. If an attacker breaches your router, he can access all your devices and everything you send over the network.

  • Use VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it practically makes you invisible on the internet. VPN encrypts the data you send and receive on your devices, making it hard for hackers to gain access. That’s why you should always use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi -and even when you want to protect sensitive information.

  • Never Share Personal Information

Most importantly, you should never share any personal or financial information on messages or emails. Many cases of phishing involve asking for personal data, but you should never share it until verifying the source of the email or text message. 

What to do in case of a Breach

Despite all your precautions, it is still possible for hackers to breach your system. So if you suspect any suspicious activities, immediately disconnect your computer from the internet, change your passwords and scan your computer for viruses and malware. 

If there is a confirmed breach, report it immediately. Cybersecurity laws are getting strict by the day, and you should not delay filing a police report in the event of hacking. 

Finally, you should immediately contact a cybersecurity expert. If you reside in Lilburn, click here to connect with our cybersecurity experts at Computer Sleuths.