Why You Need To Secure Your Laptops, Computers, Phones & Tablets With A Screen Protector

Why You Need To Secure Your Laptops, Computers, Phones & Tablets With A Screen Protector

The more technologically advanced we get, the more features we can get in sleeker devices. While no one can deny that today’s computers and phones look a thousand times better than the ones we had decades ago, their durability has been brought into question.

Tech giants are trying their best to mix innovation with durability while also keeping a lid on cost, but unfortunately, attaining perfection is impossible.

A touch screen is the most delicate but useful feature on a device. Keeping your device safe and in pristine condition is impossible without some extra protection.

If you are confused about whether you want a protector or not, then continue reading.

Reasons why you need a screen protector:

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Broken screen:

Imagine yourself walking down the street with your nose in your brand new phone or tablet. And thump. You bump into someone. The metal and glass on your device make it slippery, and the bump has loosened your grip.

What is going to happen? Your device will fall on the hard concrete sidewalk, and the screen will break.

However, this situation could easily have been different if you had a screen protector, in which case the protector would have been damaged, not the screen.


Touch screens are very delicate since they need to be highly responsive to touch, which means that anything from purse and rings to sand can create scratches. Scratches hinder not only functionality and responsiveness but also affect the aesthetic appeal of the device.

Replacement cost:

Repair cost for screen replacement is much higher than the combined cost of purchasing, installing, and replacing a protector. The more expensive your phone is, the higher will be the cost of your screen.

On top of that, many times, a broken screen leads to issues with the screen’s LCD. Also, a broken screen accumulates dust and moisture, which can affect the motherboard.

Loss of worth:

Replacing the screen of a device makes it lose some of it’s worth. When you go to a store to sell your device or exchange it for a newer model, you will receive much less for it than what you originally paid for.

If your screen is not replaced, but the device is covered in scratches, then it will be valued at much less.

The simple thing to do to avoid this situation is to get a screen protector. There are ample options in the market. None of which look gaudy like covers.

However, if you have already damaged your screen, there is nothing left to do but call Computer Sleuths. You can get a free checkup done on your device in Metro Atlanta.