Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

According to a report by DFC Intelligence, 48 percent of all gaming happens on PCs. PC gaming is becoming more and more popular in the gaming industry. All gamers who want to move to PC gaming are presented with two choices – buy a gaming PC, or build a custom gaming PC.

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While first-timers might initially prefer to get a prebuild gaming PC due to the convenience associated with it. Buying a prebuild PC will help you save time and effort in finding the parts you need. However, most professional gamers prefer building their own PC—the reasons for which are stated below.

Full Personalization

The best part of building your own gaming PC is that the result of your endeavors will be precisely what you wanted in terms of both performance and aesthetics. In a pre-built PC, you won’t find one that will be a perfect match to what you want as the companies have pre-chosen the features and parts. Whereas if you a building your own gaming PC, you can add what you want and with the required performance you need.

Value For Money

Building your own PC is better value for money than what you spend in acquiring a prebuilt unit. A prebuild unit does not offer the same utility you desire, as it will have some features you do not need and will not have some things that you want. On the other hand, a PC you put together yourself will be fit all your needs and wants so will be a better use for your money.

Better Quality

When building your own gaming PC, you can integrate high-quality components that are more long-lasting and offer better performance, so no problems interrupt your gaming sessions. The sky is the limit, but you need to be willing to spend more money.

Extended Warranty

Companies manufacturing gaming PCs offer warranty for up to a year. However, if you buy premium parts, they will come with more extended warranties that may be even twice what you get for a prebuild gaming computer.

No Bloatware

Retail bought PCs come with bloatware, which are unnecessary software installed by the manufacturer, which are of little to no use for users. Bloatware is not dangerous or damaging for the computer but slows down the performance by taking up hard drive space. These add-ons usually include third party applications that act as another revenue stream for manufacturers.  Antiviruses and security software are a common form of trialware, which is a type of bloatware. Prebuild PCs come with these programs that are mostly on trial; you can use their service till the allowed duration, after which they just take up space in your hard drive unless you renew their subscription.

Easier Upgrades

Once you get the hang of seeing to your own IT needs and learn to install and change parts in a PC yourself (a valuable skill), it becomes easier, quicker, and cheaper for you to replace parts during an upgrade.

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